Restoring Dignity, Connecting Communities.

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness - Chinese Proverb

Dignity Partnership Background

Dignity Partnership (DiP) is a work integration social enterprise delivering non- formal education programmes that fosters integration and inclusion for new communities. DiP's purpose is to support new communities in Ireland through economic opportunities, skills development and access to services in order to maximise their full potential.

The goal is to promote inclusion and integration through shared learning & experience. Encouraging community workers, organisations to explore, develop and promote inclusive practices for the benefit of all.

  • Empowerment - Empowering people to identify their skills and build confidence to take steps in reaching for their dreams.
  • Dignity - Restoring self-worth and value.
  • Diversity - Celebrating Differences and Embracing Similarities.
  • Inclusion - Community involvement and having a voice.

Qualifications And

DiP was founded by Rosemary Kunene in 2019 while living in the Direct Provision system and studying for a B.A degree in Addiction Studies and Community Development at An Cosan. After completing her studies she went on to study Msc. In Cooperatives & Social Enterprise with University College Cork, her thesis focused on critical analysis of barriers facing refugee entrepreneurs in Ireland.

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Workshops for the new communities

Refugees, international protection applicants & migrants

  • GROW U Programme - Self-employment, Networking skills, Financial Growth mindset, Self-care in challenging times, Rights & duties, social skills, leadership in business and community.
  • Employability Skills - Teamwork skills, Oral presentation skills, Self development, Pathways to adult education including adult and community education.
  • The Irish WAY- Understanding the Irish Culture, how things are done in Ireland, peer to peer learning.

Workshops for service providers

Organisations working with new communities

  • Understanding Direct Provision, and the experiences of international protection applicants and refugees.
  • Unity in diversity (understanding different cultures, root causes of racism & prejudice).
  • Migrant capacity building- How to increase involvement of new communities in community development projects.

Our Funders

DiP projects have been made possible with funding and support from the following organisations.

Our Supporters

DiP believes in a whole of the societal approach. We work collectively with other organisations and groups. Here are some of the organisations we work with.
  • Ancosan Vcc
  • Mother Tongue
  • Immigrant Council Of Ireland
  • Ethnic Minority Community Development
  • Inner City Enterprise
  • Step Up Ireland
  • Open Doors Initiative
  • Movement Of Asylum Seekers In Ireland
  • Employee Refugee
  • Places Of Sanctuary Ireland
  • We Make Good
  • Tsli
  • Irish Refugee Council
  • Back To Work Connect
  • #Goingfar
  • Inco Academy
  • Active Link