What is Direct Provision?

DP is an Ireland’s reception system for accommodating and providing for the basic needs of people seeking asylum, living in Ireland and was introduced in 1999 as temporary solution to accommodate people seeking protection.

Centres are run on a ‘for- profit basis’ by private contractors, funded by the Dept. Of Justice. Thousand of people have been placed in the centres for many years and consists of shared accommodation in former hotels; convents; army barracks; mobile home parks.

DP is a means of meeting the basic needs of food and shelter for people seeking asylum, directly while their claims for refugee status are being processed. Long stay in Direct Provision has a negative impact on individual life e.g. mental health, demotivation, develop dependence syndrome, laziness, loss of skillset.

Challenges face by people living in Direct
Provision regarding access to the labour market

  • Their skillset and talents not recognised in the labour market.
  • Deskilled due to lack of work opportunity.
  • Socio-cultural barriers due to lack of information and knowledge of the Irish labour market.
  • Unfamiliarity with immigration rules and permissions to work on the part of employer.
  • Facing barriers and less knowledge on how to set up business or how they can contribute their talents, skills and passion.

Our Activities

Organising workshops on self-development and supporting our beneficiaries to identify their current skill level.

Facilitating and delivering training, internship programmes and building relationships with the local community.

Providing self-employment support services (mentoring, business training and seminars) and building business networks for refugees and asylum seekers.

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