Taking the best part of any situation in life

'When inspiration doesn't come to me, I go halfway to meet it' ~ Freud. This is so true for Memoire who did not let anything stand on her way while living in Direct Provision Centre. Memoire started hair and beauty business as a person seeking asylum in Ireland. “Institutionalisation in Direct Provision makes an individual to be lazy, I am not a lazy person and I didn’t let my situation in Direct Provision make me a lazy person. Keeping myself busy gives meaning to my life. I used to leave my DP centre as early as 5:30am and return after 11pm or midnight. Sometimes, I would go to my place of business and have no customer, but that didn’t stop me because I knew that is my only way to build my life and future. My philosophy is to always try to take the best part of any situation in life. Don’t see negative side but think of ways of how to change the situation.” Dignity Partnership has matched Memoire with a business mentor who is currently supporting her on how to grow her business and giving her more knowledge on how to run business in Ireland. Many thanks to Jess Hayden for giving up her time and provide the mentoring.