French Online- Stories of Cameroon

‘I was confused since I came to Ireland. I always wanted to become a language teacher and felt my dreams come true because I left my country of origin (Cameroon). I was discouraged by most people whenever I spoke about becoming a teacher in Ireland. Early this year, I joined Dignity Partnership and attended their online workshops. I learned to start working on my existing skills and develop short term goals and finding ways of how I can contribute my existing skills to the community. I developed my short-term goals and asked for a mentor. I was then introduced to Francesca from Mother Tongues who guided me. Now I am happy to be teaching this short course. I believe it is the first step to my teaching career here in Ireland. In this unique short course, children will be immersed in the French language while learning about the culture and traditions of Cameroon. The classes will include games, songs, storytelling about the importance of nature and about the beauty of the African continent. Thanks to Dignity Partnership for introducing me to Mother Tongue.’ Dignity Partnership (DiP) exist because many people like Mboule are living in our communities. Their existing skillset and talents are not recognised in the labour market, some have no dignity of work due to lack of right to work, and some face socio/ cultural barriers due to lack of information and knowledge of the Irish labour market. DiP goal is to change the public narrative about refugees and international protection applicants, to be seen as integral members of the communities, deserving dignity and opportunity. DiP supports refugees and international protection applicants unlock their potential and providing them a platform to contribute their skills / talents, thereby feel valued by their communities. To register please click on this link Mboule lives in Direct Provision with her 2 children, she was granted refugee status, and looking forward to moving out of Direct Provision soon. Remember to visit our Website Viisit our social media @dignitypartnership Twitter:@DignityPartner1