Temple Accommodation Co. Westmeath 25 January 2020

Entrepreunarial skill

Despite experiencing isolation and lack of transportation, the residents of Temple Accommodation are positive for the future. A huge thanks to Francis Alabi and Tanya (The Centre Manager) for helping us organise this workshop and for a warm reception in their accommodation centre. We were delighted to have Maria Flanagan from AnCosan VCC who spoke about AnCosan programmes. The attendees need more knowledge on how to set up business and partnership. Good idea, informative, great discussion, useful information, very encouraging, motivating, and inspiring. They requested for more workshops on entrepreneur skills and confidence building and support in building relationship with the local community. The business ideas suggested were; Import and export of gold, Import sports goods, leather, surgical from parkistan, Recycling – plastic bottles (people get paid), Import -African hair products/creams Courier to Zimbabwe, Accounting Some of the testimonials from participants ‘Your coming was a big difference because we have the ideas but we don’t know how to go about making it a reality’ ‘Best workshop so far first in Ireland. Yes, I learned about business, time, confidence and to work hard if you want to achieve anything in life’ ‘Thanks for coming teaching us how to build skills. I am very proud to meet you, because I learned many different things by you. Thanks a lot’ ‘I really want to do an export and import of gold business from Guyana (South America)’.